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01Card control

Apply for Regions Expat Bank cards for easy transactions.

02Mobile payments

Make payments right from your mobile phone.

03Your money is safe

Your money is covered by the deposit guarantee scheme.

The bank of the future, now

We build customer confidence.

We are the largest 100% digital bank, and we work every day to become one of the best in the world.

All our services are available through one website and app, Like all European banks, your money is protected.

Investing with a purpose

Simply indicate what your goal is and when you want to achieve it..

  • We invest for you and help you achieve your investment goal
  • We work towards achieving your goal with periodic investments
  • Discorver great investment plans

Grow with us!

Discover a new way of banking!

Project and community Finance

Sustainable solutions with a global reach

Transactional Banking

We’re perfectly placed to help you expand

Financial Markets

A strategy built around helping our customers

Cross-border financing projects

As a long term orientated relationship bank

Front Line Support

We are always connected and ready to listen
  • Project and Export Finance

  • Transactional Banking

  • Financial Markets

  • Cross-border financing projects

  • Front Line Support


Why you should bank With Us

Our customers chose Regions Bank mainly because of its high interest rate, convenience and low monthly costs.

Bank for individuals

What ever your goal may be we will help you reach them

Bank for the self-employed

Bank that serves any business model.

Save Your Money

Safe and highly secure way to keep your money.

Wide Network

Our service cut across borders

Committed to promoting social and economic development through our core business of banking

Endless Opportunities

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